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All industries benefit from quality IT services, but for some it’s more important than others. IT services for manufacturing companies are essential for a wide range of reasons, including data protection, communications, and disaster recovery. ExpressIT have years of experience providing IT solutions for the manufacturing industry, giving us an in-depth understanding of how we can help you.
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What IT Services do Manufacturing Companies need?

For manufacturers, keeping your intellectual property secure should be a top priority, but it isn’t the only way a bespoke IT services package can help you.

With improved communication systems your operation can be more efficient than ever. You team can stay in touch and work better together, even when employees are away or working from home. This helps your company to grow and stay ahead of your competitors without demanding too much from staff.

IT systems can also improve your finances, with services that help you to manage payroll and other financial elements. Even HR can be made more efficient with the help of our systems.

To find the right package for your manufacturing company, get in touch for a consultation. We’ll work with you to create the perfect package that suits your needs and will help you grow your business.

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Protecting against Cyberhackers and Data Leaks

If you create a product of any kind, you need to prevent its IP and important details falling into the hands of your competitors. Stealing IP and selling them to overseas manufacturers is a lucrative opportunity for a cyberhacker; attacks on your IT systems can come thick and fast. When we imagine hacking, we think of breaking into mainframes and exporting data, but often the most successful cyber attacks are done in a much simpler way. Spoof emails are harder to spot than ever and can be incredibly damaging if any of your team fall for them. Having trustworthy staff goes a long way to protecting your IP, but are they trained to spot spoofing attempts? Human error is the leading cause of data leaks, but you can integrate systems that make these errors few and far between. Ensuring that your staff are fully up to date with your systems will reduce the risk of losing valuable data.

IT Systems for Manufacturing Companies

Another way to protect your intellectual property against data leaks is to switch to a secure cloud-based system. This allows your team to communicate securely and prevents external access to your data.

This also makes losing market shares much less likely, and you won’t have to waste time and resources chasing down guilty parties and organising legal action.
If you trust us to provide a cloud-based solution, we’ll set you up with a rock-solid IT system that will be safe from prying eyes, but that is easy to learn or switch to.

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Amazing service, friendly, patient, and professional without feeling overwhelmed with info - I felt free of confusion, stressed or confused by any conversation, and Adam couldn't be more helpful. Great team and great service that I’d 100% recommend.

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Been with Express IT for over 5 years. After experiencing very poor support with another company, I met Adam, and since day 1, we've had amazing IT support, rapid response and excellent customer care with all emergencies and development work. No job is too small. Thoroughly recommended.

Disaster Recovery Systems for Manufacturing Companies

Even if your IT systems are top-of-the-line, there is always a chance that technology can fail you. But it doesn’t have to derail your whole operation.

We can give you full access to your IT systems after a failure and have a team of professionals on call to help you while repairs are being made. This means that you can keep working with only a minimal delay.

IT Support for Manufacturing Companies

Our IT support team are always on hand to help whenever they’re needed. We always monitor your systems and keep them up to date. This way you’ll always be at the forefront of your industry, and your IT systems won’t ever slow you down.
Having the best tools for the job is always important, why should your IT services be any different?

We have a lot of experience working within the manufacturing industry, meaning the help and support we provide will be the best quality possible.

Improved Communications for Manufacturing Companies

We understand that not every member of your team is working on the production line, and that many may be working remotely. Staying connected is crucial to prevent delays. That’s where our communications systems come in.

Relying on internal calls, emails, and popping into offices has been the way to stay in contact for a long time, but nowadays it can be done much better. Our systems give you better ways to communicate, plan, and keep track of your own work and everyone else’s. These secure systems also reduce the risk of spoofing emails getting through, keeping your data safe at all times.

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Cyber Awareness Training – What You Need To Know

Cyber Awareness Training – What You Need To Know

As the world becomes a more digital-first world, cybersecurity threats are becoming an ever-present challenge. The thing is, while technology can offer a robust defence, we can’t just rely on it to keep us safe. The human element of cybersecurity shouldn’t be overlooked. This is where our Cyber Awareness Training steps in. It’s not about having another layer of security, and loading you up with all that other techy jargon; it’s about giving you and your team the knowledge and tools to spot and respond to cybersecurity threats effectively.

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    Here to Help

    We’d love to speak to you about how we can help. Drop your details in below and we’ll be in touch.