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Having your head in the clouds is sometimes a good thing, especially when that cloud is Microsoft 365. Every program you can think of is at your fingertips – Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint – with access on multiple devices – desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Why not speak to one of our team to see where 365 can take you?

Welcome to the Microsoft 365 Cloud

Is productivity important to your business? UK SMEs lose BILLIONS of pounds every year due to poor productivity. That’s where the Cloud and Microsoft 365 can help. With everything available that you’ve come to expect, 365 will transform how you work, making everything simpler, smarter and safer. And as a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we’re proud to offer this game-changing product to you.

  • Word WordCreate, edit, & format text documents.
  • Excel ExcelSpreadsheets for data & calculations.
  • Powerpoint PowerpointPresentation software for visual communication.
  • OneDriveSpreadsheets for data & calculations.
  • Stream StreamVideo sharing & management platform.
  • Project ProjectPlanning & time management software.
  • Sway SwayInteractive storytelling for presentations.
  • Forms FormsCreate surveys, quizzes & polls.
  • OneNote OneNoteDigital note-taking software for your business.
  • Teams TeamsCommunication software for messaging & calls.

Benefits of having microsoft 365

  • Increased Collaboration
    Your teams can easily share and access documents, communicate seamlessly, and work together on projects from anywhere, on any device.
  • Enhanced Security
    Advanced threat protection, data loss prevention, multi-factor authentication, secure external sharing, and encryption for enhanced security of your business data and information.
  • Streamlined Communication
    With features including video conferencing and instant messaging. Communicate with colleagues and clients in real-time, regardless of their location.
  • Value For Money
    Affordable prices that take full advantage of cloud technology. Say goodbye to costly hardware and software updates.
  • Apps That You Know
    Access to all of the familiar and powerful applications you know, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook (plus some you may not).
  • Seamless Integration
    APIs and connectors connect with existing systems, including CRMs, ERPs, and HRMs, boosting your productivity with your current set-up.

Should I Upgrade to Office 365?

The short answer is “absolutely, no questions asked”. A slightly longer one, if we still need to convince you, is that Microsoft 365 offers literally EVERYTHING that businesses need to be successful in their back office. With cloud-based collaboration and regular updates, you can supercharge your teams with AI-powered features, keep everything secure and access your office from anywhere. Adam Vause can also offer an even longer answer on this if you give him a call.

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    What Our Clients Say

    Client Name

    Since upgrading to Microsoft 365 Business Premium, our productivity has gone through the roof. The collaboration tools are a game-changer, and the security features give us real peace of mind.
    Mike, Director

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    Client Name

    Microsoft 365 Business Premium has transformed the way we operate. The suite of tools and the superior security features mean we can focus on what we do best: running our business.
    – Gavin, Director

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    Client Name

    “The ease of use and powerful features of Microsoft 365 Business Premium have improved our efficiency and communication. We’re doing our best work ever.”
    – Sharon, Director

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    Microsoft 365 FAQs

    What's this I hear about the Microsoft Modern Workplace?

    Cyber threats and business mishaps can occur, but Microsoft Modern Workplace is designed to give you peace of mind. This digital environment, built around the Microsoft 365 suite, helps your business thrive in the digital age, ensuring seamless collaboration, secure communication, and effective remote work. Anywhere, any time, on any device, your operations can run smoothly.

    How can the Microsoft Modern Workplace help safeguard my business?

    Accidents and cyber-attacks happen, but with the Microsoft Modern Workplace, you’re shielded. Its suite of productivity tools, like Teams, Outlook, and OneDrive, not only streamline your workflows but protect your crucial data. Need efficient and secure remote work? You’ve got it. Fear data losses? No more. The Microsoft Modern Workplace has you covered.

    What's Microsoft Intune, and how can it protect my business within the Microsoft Modern Workplace?

    Picture this: a service that offers robust mobile device and application management to keep your business safe and sound. That’s Microsoft Intune for you, a key player in Microsoft 365 Business Premium and the Modern Workplace. By controlling how company data is accessed and shared, it fortifies your operations. Think of Intune as your personal bodyguard in the digital world.

    Can Microsoft Intune help set up remote work securely in the Modern Workplace?

    Certainly. Remote work is the new normal, and Microsoft Intune is your reliable partner in this transition. It ensures that your team can work securely from any device, anywhere. So, forget about fretting over security risks. You’re covered.

    How can Microsoft Intune bolster my business's cybersecurity within the Microsoft Modern Workplace?

    Worried about cyber threats? Not on our watch. Microsoft Intune is your shield in the digital battlefield of the Microsoft Modern Workplace. It enforces compliance policies, manages app access, and ensures secure data sharing. And if a device goes rogue, you can remotely wipe company data. No more sleepless nights over data breaches!

    How well does Microsoft Intune play with other apps and services in the Microsoft Modern Workplace?

    Like a dream! Microsoft Intune works hand-in-hand with other Microsoft 365 services. It forms an interconnected ecosystem to streamline your operations and ramp up your protection. No need to juggle between services. With the Modern Workplace and Intune, you’re running a well-oiled, secure machine.

    Can Microsoft Modern Workplace support my business in achieving Cyber Essentials certification?
    Absolutely. In the face of evolving cyber threats, achieving Cyber Essentials certification is a smart move. Microsoft Modern Workplace is equipped with numerous features that align with the Cyber Essentials scheme. From boundary firewalls and secure configuration to access control and malware protection, Microsoft 365 Business Premium provides comprehensive tools that help meet the Cyber Essentials standards. Think of it as your toolbox to build a fortified digital fortress and obtain that crucial certification. Remember, Cyber Essentials isn’t just a badge – it’s a commitment to your business’s resilience and the peace of mind of your clients. And with Microsoft Modern Workplace, you’re well on your way.

    Does Microsoft backup my data?

    Now here’s a question we hear a lot. The truth is, while Microsoft provides redundancy and durability for your data, it’s not quite the same as a comprehensive backup. Don’t let that rattle you though – this is where your resilience comes in. As outlined in Microsoft’s Terms and Conditions, you’re the boss of your data and it’s vital to have a backup plan in place. Microsoft 365 is an essential piece of the puzzle, but complete data protection also includes regular backups on your part. After all, it’s your data, your business.

    What’s the difference between Office 365 and Microsoft 365?

    To start, they’re both subscription-based products offered by Microsoft (of course), but they DO cater to different needs.

    Office 365 is primarily focused on providing cloud-based access to Microsoft’s core productivity applications. Think of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. It also includes collaboration tools like OneDrive and SharePoint.

    With Microsoft 365, you’re looking at a more comprehensive package, encompassing everything the Office 365 applications and what it has to offer whilst adding advanced security, device management, and additional services.

    Microsoft 365 includes Windows 10 Enterprise, Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), and other features like Microsoft Teams, making it a complete solution for businesses seeking an integrated approach to productivity, security, and device management.

    Can I use Microsoft 365 on multiple devices?

    Of course. When you have a subscription, you can install and use the Microsoft 365 applications on up to 5 devices per user, including PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones.

    This flexibility allows you and your team to access the productivity tools and collaborate seamlessly across different devices and platforms, whether at the office or on the go. Additionally, your files and settings are synced across devices, ensuring a consistent experience and real-time collaboration.

    What is a Microsoft 365 subscription?

    Like any other subscription model, you pay a monthly fee to access these leading products and services, which we can manage on your behalf. We’ve listed our plans above and are more than happy to chat with you about terms, conditions and tie-ins.

    Can I use Microsoft 365 on multiple devices?

    Yes, indeed, you can. With a subscription, each user can install and use the Microsoft 365 applications on up to 5 devices, including PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones. This multi-device access enables users to work seamlessly across different platforms, whether at the office or on the go.

    Your files and settings are synced across devices using OneDrive, providing a consistent experience and enabling real-time collaboration. This flexibility allows you and your team to stay productive and connected, regardless of the device or location.

    Here to Help

    We’d love to speak to you about how we can help. Drop your details in below and we’ll be in touch.

      Here to Help

      We’d love to speak to you about how we can help. Drop your details in below and we’ll be in touch.