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Cyber Awareness Training – What You Need To Know

As the world becomes a more digital-first world, cybersecurity threats are becoming an ever-present challenge. The thing is, while technology can offer a robust defence, we can't just rely on it to keep us safe. The human element of cybersecurity shouldn't be overlooked. This is where our Cyber Awareness Training steps in. It’s not about having another layer of security, and loading you up with all that other techy jargon; it's about giving you and your team the knowledge and tools to spot and respond to cybersecurity threats effectively.

1. Where Do We Stand? Starting with Baseline Testing

Alright, first things first. We need to figure out your team’s current cybersecurity capabilities. We then run a simulated phishing attack. This is basically a safe way to see how ‘Phish-prone’ you are and provides a clear picture of your team’s current awareness level. Think of it as a friendly test run, which is important for tailoring the training to address your teams’ specific vulnerabilities and strengths.


2. Learning That Doesn’t Make You Yawn

We all know those training sessions that make you want to hit the snooze button. Well, ours aren’t like that. We’ve got a collection of training content – videos, games, you name it. It’s about keeping you engaged and making sure those super-important cyber tips stick. This approach helps develop knowledge and practices, making cybersecurity awareness a natural part of your team’s mindset.


3. Putting It to the Test: Phishing Simulations

You’ve probably heard about phishing, right? Well, we’ve set up these mock scenarios that mimic real-life cyberattacks. Understanding theoretical risks is one thing, but facing simulated real-world attacks is another. They’re like fire drills for cybersecurity. This way, you get to practice in a no-risk test and really get the hang of spotting the sneaky stuff, which is great for testing and reinforcing your team’s ability to identify and respond to threats. By regularly running these controlled, realistic scenarios, we’ll help hone your teams’ vigilance and reaction skills, turning theoretical knowledge into practical defence.


4. Keeping It Fresh and Relevant

Here’s the deal – cyber threats are always changing, and you’ve got to keep up. Our program includes continuous learning opportunities and adaptive training methods, which help you to adapt and evolve, just like the bad guys’ tactics. We keep an eye on how everyone’s doing, analyzing behaviour and response patterns, and tailor the ongoing training to make sure it’s hitting the mark.


5. Empowering You – The Real Cyber Guardians

At the end of the day, it’s all about turning each one of your team into proactive participants in your cybersecurity strategy. Knowing how to dodge those cyber bullets is a skill that’ll make each member of your team an invaluable part of keeping your business safe and sound. A well-informed team is a more secure team, and this contributes significantly to the overall resilience and health of your organisation. Plus, it’s pretty cool to be the one who can spot a scam a mile away.


Let’s face it, in our super-connected world, being clued up on cybersecurity is an essential component in building a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. By investing in your team’s cyber awareness, you’re not just ensuring that your team has the skills to stay safe online; you’re also fostering a culture of vigilance and resilience.


Cybersecurity is a journey that involves every member of your organisation. To dive deeper into our Cyber Awareness Training and discover how it can empower your team, visit our Cyber Awareness Training page. Prefer to talk it through? Give us a ring at 0330 175 82 82, and let’s chat about securing your digital world. It’s easy, effective, and might even be a bit of fun. Let’s join forces to keep your digital world secure.



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