Modern Threats Demand Modern Training

In the age of advanced phishing and ransomware attacks, traditional security measures are not enough. Elevate your business defense with our comprehensive Cyber Awareness Training.
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Every employee is a potential entry point for threats. Our program not only educates them but also tests, simulates, and reports their awareness and resilience against cyber attacks.
Cyber Awareness Training


Baseline Testing

Understand the vulnerability of your workforce with a simulated phishing attack, gauging your business’s initial Phish-prone percentage.

Extensive Training Library

Dive into the world’s largest collection of security awareness materials – from interactive modules to videos and games. Let the learning be continuous and engaging.

Phishing Simulations

Simulate real-world phishing scenarios, understand who’s vulnerable, and tailor further training. Our vast template library aids in creating realistic test environments.


Our Cyber Awareness Training isn’t just about learning; it’s about real-world application, continuous evaluation, and timely adjustments. These features ensure your business remains a step ahead in cybersecurity:
  • Unlimited Access Comprehensive access to over 1000+ content items, based on subscription, plus unrestricted use of all phishing features.
  • Smart Grouping Utilise employee behavior and attributes to design specific phishing campaigns and training sessions, ensuring precise training.
  • Customisation Design spear phishing campaigns with personal information for targeted scenarios. Every template can also boast its custom landing page for specific objectives.
  • Simulated Attachments Test employee vigilance with simulated attachments in various formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and their zipped versions.
  • Advanced Reporting Get insights from 60+ in-built reports on training, phishing campaigns, and a general overview of past campaigns. Tailor-make executive reports for data-driven decisions.
  • Risk Analysis Our innovative Virtual Risk Officer monitors your business’s risk levels by analysing scores for employees, groups, and the entire business. You should see an improvement over time from your initial Phish Score.

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Amazing service, friendly, patient, and professional without feeling overwhelmed with info - I felt free of confusion, stressed or confused by any conversation, and Adam couldn't be more helpful. Great team and great service that I’d 100% recommend.

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Been with Express IT for over 5 years. After experiencing very poor support with another company, I met Adam, and since day 1, we've had amazing IT support, rapid response and excellent customer care with all emergencies and development work. No job is too small. Thoroughly recommended.

Here to Help

We’d love to speak to you about how we can help. Drop your details in below and we’ll be in touch.

    Here to Help

    We’d love to speak to you about how we can help. Drop your details in below and we’ll be in touch.