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When people think of the construction industry, they don’t immediately picture IT systems and data transfers. But like any industry, IT is an essential part of the operation, and is a key part of beating your competitors.

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What IT Services do Construction Companies need?

For even small construction companies, communication is key. Not only does your team need to communicate between each other, especially when doing site work, but you also need reliable contact with suppliers, contractors, and your clients.

Our email and communication systems not only keep you in contact, but also keep your data secure too. More about data security later.

No matter what job you’re working on, there is a lot of materials, equipment, machinery, personnel, and more to order and keep track of. With IT solutions, you can order and monitor everything with 100% accuracy, as well as tracking spending and budget.

You can also provide digital plans and blueprints, enabling your team to work more efficiently. With the right systems you can run or monitor multiple sites at once, allowing you to expand your business.

Finally, like in all industries, HR management is important to keep everything working smoothly. Our HR support systems can make it easier than ever to let your team have their say and improve workflow.


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Cybersecurity for Construction Companies

All businesses need IT systems they can rely on, especially in the construction industry. Where this reliability matters most is when it comes to protecting data as well as preventing cyber attacks and leaks.

Malicious attacks on your IT systems are a lot simpler than you might imagine. Instead of hacking into mainframes and intercepting data, hackers exploit human error. Phishing emails are more sophisticated than ever and are hard to detect even for experienced IT pros.

Our secure email and communication systems enable your team to communicate easily and safely, even when sharing data. Any phishing attempts will be clear – and therefore much less effective.

For the ultimate data security, construction companies should consider backing up their data in the Cloud. This not only keeps the data safe, but also still easy to access when needed. And if the worst does happen, and data is lost or leaked, you have a full backup so you can continue working well.

On-Site IT Solutions for Construction Companies

Naturally, a lot of the most important work for a construction company doesn’t happen in an office. But work sites can still benefit from IT solutions.

As mentioned earlier, communication is key on site. The team need to keep in touch with each other via reliable mobile connections to keep everything running smoothly. We can provide on-site systems that keep you connected with your on-site teams and help them to communicate too. This means you can run multiple sites at once with no crossed wires.

Both mobile networks and temporary connections are available. They are fully secure and will last for as long as they are needed.

If the site has a temporary office set-up, our systems will be as accessible as possible, meaning no trips to the head office to get things done.


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Improving your Workplace with IT Solutions

With remote and hybrid working becoming the norm for many companies, you can’t allow your IT systems to fall behind. Our IT solutions enable staff to work from anywhere, on secure networks with full access to the systems they need.

This means that you can offer more freedom for your team and be a more appealing company for new hires.

When in the office, our systems are designed with efficiency in mind. As well as fluid communication, your HR, invoicing, ordering, and more will be easier than ever.

Why Choose ExpressIT?

For a fast-growing construction company, off-the-shelf systems won’t be able to keep up. We conduct a thorough assessment of your current systems, and what your individual needs are.

Then, we can adapt your existing systems and implement new ones. Replacing everything can lead to more user error and delays as your team get used to them, so when we can combine systems together it’s more effective.

Once the systems are in place, our work is not done. We provide complete monitoring services that detect any issues, responding to them as quickly as possible.

In such a fast-paced industry, IT systems can become outdated within a very short time. That’s why our IT solutions are designed to evolve with you, regularly updating to keep you ahead of the curve. This means that, as your company grows, your IT will too.



Cyber Awareness Training – What You Need To Know

Cyber Awareness Training – What You Need To Know

As the world becomes a more digital-first world, cybersecurity threats are becoming an ever-present challenge. The thing is, while technology can offer a robust defence, we can’t just rely on it to keep us safe. The human element of cybersecurity shouldn’t be overlooked. This is where our Cyber Awareness Training steps in. It’s not about having another layer of security, and loading you up with all that other techy jargon; it’s about giving you and your team the knowledge and tools to spot and respond to cybersecurity threats effectively.

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    Here to Help

    We’d love to speak to you about how we can help. Drop your details in below and we’ll be in touch.